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MagicBuddyis here to help 👋

Powered by advanced language models trained on billions of online words and conversations, MagicBuddy delivers friendly and helpful chat on demand.

Ask questions and get answers. Crack jokes and get laughs. Or even get writing ideas and study help. MagicBuddy's conversational intelligence allows for a truly unique and useful chat experience.

Ask for the weather in Westminster and MagicBuddy will get real-time data.
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Telegram's Best AI-Powered Chatbot

Photo of Jenny
MagicBuddy is incredibly easy to use and the responses are lightning fast! 🥇
Photo of Daniel
Impressive! MagicBuddy is my go-to AI assistant. It’s quick, accurate, and user-friendly.
Photo of Riccardo
Sending voice messages makes it easier to use in the middle of the day and the answers are super fast.
Photo of Emily Davis
Emily Davis
Love it! A friend of mine told me about it and it has made my life so much easier. It’s like having a helpful friend in my pocket!
Photo of Jackson
I use 2 months already, simply amazing! MagicBuddy delivers answers in a snap. It’s a must-have tool for staying informed!
Photo of Wei
Game-changer! MagicBuddy’s speed and accuracy are unmatched. It’s my secret weapon for productivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ilias Ism
Co-Founder of MagicSpace SEO, Switzerland - Updated on 10 January, 2024

Hi! I'm Ilias, the co-founder of MagicBuddy.

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI, I've been fascinated by the possibilities of this technology. Sadly, ChatGPT is not always easy to access and can often be hard to use.

We created our own ChatGPT Telegram Bot to make it available in the Telegram app and it can be used anyone. Right now, wegrew it to a small amount of passive incomethanks to our SEO strategy.

At our SEO agency in Switzerland, we decided to share what we have made with the world and we released MagicBuddy to the public.

We hope you enjoy it!

What is MagicBuddy?

MagicBuddy is an artificial intelligence (AI) inside Telegram. It used the ChatGPT API (a large language model) to create intelligent responses in Telegram chats using natural language and the OpenAI API. It can answer questions, help with various tasks, it's a virtual assistant with the full power of ChatGPT.

What can I ask MagicBuddy?

You can ask MagicBuddy anything - ask questions to get helpful answers, have engaging conversations, get study help, writing ideas, weather updates, and more. MagicBuddy's advanced language understanding allows it to assist with a wide range of topics.

How do I use ChatGPT in Telegram?

As a telegram ChatGPT bot, the first step is to get Telegram, you need to create a Telegram account using your phone number. You can download the Telegram mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Telegram is a popular messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption, meaning your messages are secure and private using the Telegram APIs.

Does ChatGPT work in group chats?

Yes! You can add MagicBuddy to any Telegram group chat to allow all members to benefit from its knowledgeable responses. It can keep up with a group conversation and provide useful input. But it will be limited in conversations. To get the full experience, with your own knowledge, personality and answers, you can read our group chat page for a dedicated guide.

How do I get started with ChatGPT in Telegram?

Getting started with MagicBuddy is easy. Simply search for@MagicBuddyBoton Telegram and start chatting. Or click this invite link to add it directly: @MagicBuddyBot

What is the best ChatGPT bot?

MagicBuddy is more advanced than most ChatGPT Telegram bots. It can understand context, have back-and-forth conversations in any language, it has an unique topic mode, and can respond to a voice message thanks to the latest AI models available today with GPT-4-Turbo and OpenAI Whisper. This makes the experience intuitive and helpful. It also has some advanced features like getting the weather and more. Just give it a try!

Can I learn new languages with ChatGPT?

Absolutely! As an OpenAI-based chatbot, MagicBuddy can respond and have conversations in many different languages to help you learn. ChatGPT is a powerful tool to learn languages faster.

Can MagicBuddy be my AI girlfriend?

MagicBuddy is a virtual assistant that can be your AI girlfriend or anything you want it to be. But if you're looking specifically for an NSFW AI chatbot or AI sex chat, you can check out our list of the best AI girlfriends.

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